Business Intro FAQ’s


Whenever someone new signs up to our events I am asked pretty much the same set of questions, so I thought.. why not let everyone know right here!

  1. What type of businesses go to your events?  Our events are open to all business sectors which means anybody could be at the event, we tend to attract companies such as law firms / accountants / marketers / IT / Telecomms / charities and SME businesses.
  2. What is the format of the events? – Informal after work networking drinks – I hand out an attendee list on the way in which lists the people in the room.  I don’t do name badges as I like everyone to remain open to who they meet but I will specifically introduce you to anyone you wish to meet from the list.
  3. How much are they and is there membership? Each event is £12 plus booking fee which includes the delegate list and a welcome drink – sometimes venues put on some food tasters too!
  4. I’ve never been networking before so what do I do? Don’t worry, everyone is there to meet new people so  you won’t end up stood on your own (unless you want to be!) Just remain open minded to who you meet as everyone knows other people, so if they are not the right contact, they may know someone who is!
  5. Can I get a delegate list in advance? – Unfortunately a lot of people book on last minute and the list changes right up until the afternoon of the event so I don’t compile the final list until the last minute – this is why they are handed out on the way into the event.
  6. What do I need to bring? Just yourself, a smile and perhaps some business cards if you have them!
  7. Can I pay cash on the door? All bookings are done online unless by specific advance request – this helps me manage numbers for the venue. (Also people who book in advance tend to turn up, cash on the door events attract a high drop out rate and it is a business after all!)
  8. I’m looking to meet an elephant trainer – do you know any?  Erm .. no but I could probably find out, just email me if you are looking to meet very niche businesses and I can ask around!

If you are still unsure, or have more specific questions then please get in touch with Marian on:


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