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Create a Winners Image with Karen Mullins

Ever tried to make improvements to an area of your life only to find yourself more or less in the same place 6 months or a year down the line? Earn more money? Use your time more efficiently? Enjoy better health and relationships?

I know I have definitely been there. I used to think that maybe some people were just lucky. Perhaps they knew something I didn’t. Maybe if I was to just try a little harder.

What if I told you that trying harder isn’t the answer. That getting what you want in life has nothing to do with chance or luck and everything to do with the image that you hold of yourself.

I’m not talking about your outer self image here. What you go onto achieve in life is largely determined by your inner self image. You can never out-perform this inner image. It Iliterally has us ‘locked-in’ to our current results. So if you want to improve an area of your life and have that change be permanent you MUST understand how your self image operates and then create the necessary changes at this deep inner level.

For the last two years I have been mentored by Bob Proctor – one of the World’s most influential and experienced teachers on the mind and human potential. Understanding and applying these concepts around self image, as taught by Bob, has enabled me to dramatically transform my own life and to live it completely on my own terms. I now work alongside Bob as a consultant with the Proctor Gallagher Institute helping my clients to do the same.

Join me in this hour long workshop to understand just why your self image is so critical in determing what you will go on to achieve in life. Why you keep getting the same results over and over, and more importantly how to create a winning self image that will enable you to achieve the permanent changes and improvements that you really desire.

Admission is free. Places are limited.

th Aug 2018
12:30 pm - 1:30 pm
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Marian Arnold-Lawson
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