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1st November – Turn Your Thinking into Success!

Most of us are programmed to think that working harder is the answer to getting where we want to be in life, to achieving our goals. That real success only comes at a price.

There is a price to be paid for success but it isn’t the one that most people think…….and it’s actually very small in relation to the reward.

What if I told you that success doesn’t need to be complicated. That it’s actually a system, a mindset. When you understand what’s causing your current results you understand how to change them. How to literally go after and achieve things that you previously wouldnt have thought possible – a Quantum Leap!

Your current THINKING brought you your current results. If you want to take your results to another level then you must first take your thinking to another level.

I have been, and continue to be mentored by the greatest teacher there is on the mind and human potential – Bob Proctor. I have applied his teachings to my own life and business for a few years now and the changes I see in my own results and those of my clients are nothing short of incredible.

Join me in this hour long workshop where I will share with you ideas that Bob has shared with me that will help take your results to another level and enable you to achieve the success you truly desire by working SMARTER not harder.

Space is Limited. Free Admission

Marian Arnold-Lawson
07960 328954


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