As we head into 2016 – We have all been trying to make new year’s resolutions. Mine are all o0f the usual, lose weight / drink less / gym more!

But what about resolutions for your business?

Networking should be a key focus for any growing company and not just to win new business but to expand your contacts and presence in the marketplace.  A lot of people stop attending events deciding they are not for them on the basis they have not secured new business.  WRONG!  It is not all about selling, and building the trust of people takes longer than just a handful of meetings over breakfast.

Here are 5 things we recommend to get your networking off to a great start in 2016:

1 – SMILE – Being approachable is a winner and a smile is the best way of encouraging people to come over and talk to you!

2 – TAKE BUSINESS CARDS – Even a basic one is better than no card, otherwise how will people remember you?

3 – BE SOCIABLE – Everyone is in the same boat so don’t be shy, don’t stand in the corner, get out there and meet everyone!

4 – FOLLOW UP – Most importantly – don’t let those business cards rot in the bottom of your handbag / briefcase, follow up within 48 hours of meeting.

5 – KEEP ATTENDING REGULARLY – Networking is about growing your contacts and by keeping a regular appearance, people will know where to find you if they want an informal catch up! You never know when they may need your services so don’t think that because they don’t immediately snap up your offer they don’t want it – it’s about being in the right place at the right time… if you aren’t there – your competitors will be!

So – What changes are you going to make to your business in 2016?


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