Manchester’s Networking Scene


Manchester is the capital of the North. A thriving business district which is getting busier by the day… you only have to see the cranes covering the skyline to know big changes are happening.

With new start ups rife, a creative hub booming, HQ’s moving up from the big smoke and our science and industry sector stronger than ever, now is the time to get out there and meet people.

You may think you don’t need to meet another lawyer, or that you have seen that recruitment guy a million times, you may think all networking events are full of BDM’s or you are trying to avoid that accountant… but have you been open minded about people?

The plain fact is; everyone is useful. ¬†Everyone knows something you don’t and everyone knows someone you want to meet.

There are multiple networking groups to choose from at all times of the day so pick one which suits your needs but go to them all and find out what works for you.

Manchester is growing so ensure you get out there and grow with it!


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