Networking – is it a numbers game?

Numbers Game

You have no doubt attended breakfast events with just a handful of people there, you have been to lunches on tables of 10 people and you have sipped cocktails in a room full of 100 people… but which is the best event?

The answer will often be.. the one with the most people.

If you actually dig deeper and ask delegates how many of the 100 people they met and had a proper conversation with, it will be on one hand and yet still, time and again people consider an event with a small number of people a ‘bad’ event.

Networking is not simply a numbers game. I have heard the phrase  “there’s nobody in the room for me’ more times than I can believe and this kind of ‘not working’… where you run your finger down the delegate list and leave 30 minutes later is the very reason you won’t get business from networking events.

The people in that room all know other people so you may not want to meet a lawyer but what about their clients.. do you know who they are? You may avoid the recruitment consultant but they know hundreds of businesses and the key contacts within them!

To help yourself use the following tips:

·         Think of everyone as useful! (You just don’t know in which way yet!)

·         ASK if the contacts you meet know anyone in the industry you wish to meet

·         Don’t just talk business

·         SMILE and RELAX!  Networking should be fun.. not a chore you dread!


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