What types of business go networking?




I am often asked what types of business go networking and who attends our events? It’s a tough one to answer as my honest answer is everyone and anyone..

There have been people who have come along who have yet to launch their new solo venture and are just looking for inspiration, then the regular attendees with an open mindset who just like to know what’s going on,  all the way up to the partner of a successful law firm looking to meet specific financial contacts.

The events Business Introductions run aim to be informal so you can meet anyone but if you are specifically looking for an introduction to an accountant or a marketing agency.. we could help.

The point of networking is not just to sell it is to meet new people, learn from each other’s experiences and gain valuable business advice.  As well as that, sometimes it is just nice to know what is going on in Manchester…

Business doesn’t have to be boring so even if you just turn up for a drink with likeminded business people… don’t see networking as a waste!

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